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Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available at both Library locations. Our Farmington location only has one study room available.

The Library gives preference to FCL cardholders. Please show your FCL card at the Information Desk when asking for a study room. If you do not have an FCL card, you can still sign up to use a study room; however, if a group with an FCL card would like to use the room, we will ask you to give up the room.

Tutors from the Oakland Literacy Council are always welcome to use the group study rooms.

Study Room Guidelines

  1. The small group study rooms are to be used by groups of two or more. At least two members of your group must be present before sign-up.
  2. Please sign up at the Information Desk before using one of the group study rooms. We have four group study rooms: two rooms (seating up to 6 people each) in the Non-Fiction area and two smaller rooms (seating 2 or 3 people each) located in the Browsing Area. Priority use for Literacy Tutoring Room #2 will be given to those using the ELLIS language instruction program.
  3. There is a two-hour limit when another group is waiting. Groups may only have access to a room once a day, and time may not be extended when new members arrive. Please let a librarian know when you are finished using the room
  4. If a room is not available you may have your name added to a waiting list, provided at least one other member of your group is present. It will be the responsibility of your group to check with a librarian every fifteen minutes to see if a room has become available. If a room remains empty and your group has not returned, it will be given to the next group.
  5. Librarians reserve the right to make all group study rooms decisions.
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