Group study rooms are available at both Library locations. Our Farmington location only has one study room available.

Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis; with no advance reservations taken. Please check in at the Information Desk when asking for a study room. 

Study Room Guidelines

  1. Please sign up at the Information Desk before using one of the group study rooms. The Farmington Hills location has four group study rooms: two rooms (seating up to 6 people each) in the Non-Fiction area and two smaller rooms (seating 2 or 3 people each) located in the Browsing Area. The Farmington location has one study room in the lower level, seating up to 6 people.
  2. There is a two-hour limit when another group is waiting. Groups may only have access to a room once a day, and time may not be extended when new members arrive. Please let a librarian know when you are finished using the room
  3. If a room is not available you may have your name added to a waiting list (Farmington Hills only). It will be your responsibility to check with a librarian every fifteen minutes to see if a room has become available. If a room remains empty and you have not returned, it will be given to the next group. 
  4. Librarians reserve the right to make all group study rooms decisions.