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The New York Times - Online Access

Access The New York Times, including the The New York Times Games section, from anywhere! Click the buttons below to access both services.

Times Games have captivated solvers since the launch of the Crossword in 1942. Our experts create engaging word and visual games that stimulate and keep the mind sharp. All Games are available on the web and NYT App; Crossword and Spelling Bee are available in the Crossword App.

If you need assistance accessing The New York Times, please refer to the instructional video in this blog post or contact the Library for support.

Wall Street Journal - Online Access

FCL provides access to The Wall Street Journal wherever you are!

Historical Newspapers

In addition to the digitized issues available online below, the Library has the following newspapers either in hard copy or on microfilm in the Heritage Collection at the Farmington Hills location. Underlined titles are available on microfilm in the Reference area of the library. Newspapers prior to 1969 may not be accessed in hard copy— please use microfilm. Newspapers may not be photocopied, but prints may be made from the microfilm.

  • Detroit News: January 1976 to present
  • Farmington Observer (formerly Enterprise, Enterprise Observer, Observer, and Observer Eccentric): on microfilm 1910–2011. Scattered issues November 2 , 1888 to 1910.
  • Farmington Forum: January 1976 to December 1989 (not on microfilm)
  • New York Times Sept. 1851 to present. The last 12 months issues are also available online with searchable full-text.
  • Northwest Gazette: March 8, 1993 to present (not on microfilm)

Issues of the Farmington Enterprise and the Observer are searchable. Click here to search both Monographs and Newspapers. This application is a work in progress. There are known problems with the data which are currently limiting search results. Formatting of the web pages is very rough, and monograph search results display a large amount of technical material which is not particularly relevant to actual use of the system by researchers.