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JUNE 1 – JULY 28

We would like to thank the sponsors of the 2019 Summer Reading Program for their support:






Adult and ESL Summer Challenge

Ages 18 and Over

Play the 2019 Adult Summer Reading Challenge online or use a paper game sheet from June 1-July 28. Record each challenge you complete; there is no minimum! Turn in your paper game to the library or log online challenges by July 28.

Each completed challenge earns you one entry into our prize drawings. The drawings will be held on Monday, July 29.

To play online, click here.

To print a paper log for Adult Summer Reading Challenge, click here.

For ESL Community Members:

Is English your second (or third, or fourth) language?
Adults 18 and up can participate in Adult Summer Challenge, or you can choose to use our English as a Second Language version. The challenges and logging are the same as above, but we have tailored the Summer Reading challenge specifically for non-native English speakers.

To play online, click here.
To print a paper log for ESL Summer Challenge, click here.



Children’s Summer Reading

Birth Through 5th Grade

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