Kelley Siegrist Named Library Director

Library Director Kelley Siegrist standing in front of the Farmington Hills location.

FCL is excited to announce Kelley Siegrist as Library Director after a unanimous vote by the FCL Board of Trustees on Thursday, April 14, 2022. Below is the announcement letter addressed to staff from FCL Board President, Danette Duron-Willner.

Dear FCL Staff,


You have all played a part in the significant transformation that has occurred within the walls of the FCL over the last months. Your contributions are seen and felt each day as you ensure patrons feel a sense of belonging and connection to the FCL. Your commitment to success is evident in each program and with every community outreach effort you make possible in our community.


Genuinely, THANK YOU!


So much has been learned over the course of a year. Learning experiences are not always planned, easy or expected, but growth does come from each experience. The key is to emerge successfully from each of these experiences.  FCL staff, you are succeeding!


When the sum of all parts of an organization are committed to succeeding, a leader is empowered toward success as well. This message is to announce that in support of the continued success of the FCL, Kelley Siegrist has been named Library Director for the FCL.


Kelley has been a highly skilled library staff member and leader for the FCL for over two decades, with over 30 years of combined library experience. Kelley has a Master of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, is Six Sigma certified and perhaps most importantly, has been an integral part of the transformative success the FCL is experiencing.


Please welcome me in congratulating Kelley and applaud yourselves for all you have done in support of the FCL. 





Danette Duron-Willner


President, Board of Trustees


Farmington Community Library

Board President Danette Duron-Willner and Vice President Ernie McClellan speak with Kelley about her 20 years of experience at FCL and the Library’s current initiatives.

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