FCL Reveals A New Look!

On Friday, August 26, Farmington Community Library unveiled a new logo, brand colors, and website design as part of a rebranding initiative.

This rebranding initiative is an effort to expand the audiences that the Library reaches, increase accessibility of Library services, and showcase the evolution of the organization.

Why a rebrand?

The Library has primarily been viewed as a space for books. However, FCL also offers free programs, services, and collections that go far beyond traditional media! We are a public space for ideas & research, community collaboration, entertainment, events, and so much more.

The new branding showcases the Library as a public space and will help FCL reach a wider audience.

Behind the New Look

The Logo

Our new logo plays on the modern symbol for location and is loosely formatted as an open book. It represents the Library as a meeting place that connects the community to resources.

The typewriter font was chosen as our logotype to showcase a balance between past and present design. As a community organization that serves all ages, this branding was designed to speak to different generations and cultures with both a modern and classic look.

The logo has several formats to best suit the platform or material.

Farmington Community Library's primary logomark beside the acronym FCL.
FCL's Primary Logo
FCL's Logo + URL

The Colors

Our new color palette represents the vibrant and bright life that is present in the FCL community! Our logo will always be displayed black on light backgrounds and white on dark background in order for it to be visibly accessible for all community members. 

Going Forward

As FCL rolls out the rebrand, you can expect to see the old branding replaced on the variety of digital Library platforms and in each Library building. No matter how we look, we are always here for our community!

We’d love to here your comments on our new look! Let us know using the form below.

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