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Web indexing aids users find your Web pages.

To most people operating a website, Web optimization remains the key to success. To have your site listed on some preferred search engine such since Bing, the pages on your website need to be indexed by the website. When Bing indexes a page of your website, it means that it has additional that specific page to hers seek database, allowing additionals to find it. Checking the way quite a few pages of your site Bing has indexed yous thus the first stage in determining whether your Web optimization method is operating.

Difficulty: Reasonable


Using Bing's Site Outline Tool

1 Go to Bing's Webmaster Gear. (See References)

2 Click "Sign inside to utilize webmaster tools."

3 Click "Warning upwards" if you do not have a Windows Reside ID. Fill out the variety and click "I accept" to sign upward. Check your email and click the validation link to certify your account. If you have a Windows Live ID, type in your account email address under "Indicator in" plus type in your key. Click "Indicator in."

5 Visit the index.html page of your main website page. Open the Web authoring program that you make use of to see the file source code. Below the <brain> section of your webpage, copy and paste the <meta> tag given to you by the Bing window that opens. Save your file source code and update the page. Your file source code should look something for instance this:



<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="0DARKEHDIKVU278DD0HDJD"/>



page contents


6 Return to the Bing webmaster page and click "Verify" under the "Confirm Ownership" window that appears.

7 Return to this page after approximately 3 days. The number of pages indexed under your site will appear under the "Pages Indexed (%)" column.

Unofficial Results

1 Go to a website wish Nathopia or SEO Supports. (Witness Resources)

2 Type "Check indexed pages bing" or any identical sentence into a search engine to appear for alternate sites.

3 Type in your main web site to the "URL" area. Click "Submit" or press "Enter." The webpage will give you an unofficial count regarding the approximate number of pages regarding your website that is Bing has indexed. Since even Bing gives you an guess, this can be a faster also convenient way to estimate the quantity about pages of your website that Bing has indexed. seoserviceSEOServices.


Windows Reside Support: Summary Device Bing Webmaster Tools


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