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The websites listed below provide information on developmental stages, childood illnesses, safety, and social and emotional development.

The AAP is the standard authority on children's health. Their website offers lists of developmental milestones and answers to common health-related questions.

Zero to Three is a nonprofit organization promoting the healthy development of very young children. Click on Key Topics for articles such as Brain Development, Early Literacy, Play, and more.

Healthy Children is a website maintained by the American Academy of Pediatrics, containing information on developmental stages and child safety.

This easy-to-use website provides overviews of child development stages from week 1 of pregnancy through 48 months old. BabyZone also offers information on other topics in baby and toddler care such as feeding, safety and sleep.

This commercial site offers extensive articles on child development and healthy interactions with children ages 0-18, ranging from basic health information to behavior and learning topics.

Medline Plus is a government-sponsored database of articles focusing on children’s medical care.

This nonprofit site offers a wide selection of articles on child development, health, and parenting. Portals for kids and teens offer additional age-appropriate content.

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