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Due to the significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Oakland County and surrounding areas, FCL is proactively prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and patrons by temporarily closing in-person library service to help mitigate the spread of the virus in our community. The Farmington Community Library has moved back to Phase 2 of our Reopening Plan. Curbside pickup, phone and electronic reference, and outdoor drop boxes will be available while we temporarily close in-person library services.Read more…

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Virtual Story Time

Toddler Storytime

An online storytime designed for ages 18 months to young 3 year-olds, but fun for the whole family.

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All Ages Storytime: Spring

This online storytime is designed for ages 0-6. Grab a shaker and a scarf and get ready for fun!

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Baby Storytime

This online storytime is designed for parents & caregivers of children aged 0-18 months. Learn fun lap bounces, songs, and hear a story!

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Preschool Storytime

This storytime is presented by Miss Kristel and is designed for 3-5 year olds, with their caregiver.

Have lots of boxes from deliveries? If you’re able, a set of cardboard construction tools from MakeDo is a great home learning option. You get a safe cardboard saw, screwdriver, and screws that can help your child turn those boxes into an amazing creation. They’ll build spatial reasoning and design skills along the way! Available from their website or Amazon (very limited supply).

Want to help your little one practice writing their numbers or letters? Take a look at the capital letters chart and number chart below, from the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

Try this great movement video with your preschooler!

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All Ages Storytime: Self-Confidence

We’re reading books about how great and unique we all are in today’s storytime. Grab your scarf and get ready to play! “I’m You and You’re Me” by the Laurie Berkner Band used with permission during school and community closures ( Find that music here:

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All Ages Storytime: Family

Meet Lola & Leo, brother and sister that each get their own book in today’s storytime! We’ll practice movements that cross the midline, play with a “parachute” and sing with our shakers.

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Preschool Storytime: Together

We’ll read two longer stories and sing songs. You’ll need a scarf and a shaker!

Listen to Celina Kalluk, the author of Sweetest Kulu, read her story aloud here:

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Toddler Storytime: Counting

While this storytime is primarily designed for ages 18 months-3 years, it has adaptations for all ages. Grab your “parachute” (aka baby blanket) and your homemade shaker and let’s play!

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