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Programs When You Want Them

Looking for something fun to do? Try one of these digital classes and puzzles!


Fandom Photo Fun


Have fun with your favorite fandoms, friends, and family!


Download the list of scavenger topics HERE. Most of them are related to various fandoms, and others are open-ended so you can incorporate your favorite books, video games, or movies! Take pictures of as many as you can – have fun! – and upload them HERE or email them to gro.liamg@sweiveRkooBneeTLCF by 6 p.m. on Friday, March 26 to be entered in a prize drawing!


Posting your pictures on social media? Tag us at @fclteenscene and/or use hashtag #FCLPhotoFun!


No registration needed.


Friday, March 12 – Friday, March 26

Fandom Scavenger Hunt

Winter Crafts


Make some great crafts to decorate your home this winter!


Instructions for 3D snowflakes and mini snowmen are available on our Resources page.

Paper snowflake



Calling all artists! However you create (write, draw, take a picture, model with clay, etc.), we’re challenging you to an ARTistic October!


Every day in October we’ll post a word on our @fclteenscene social media accounts – something to do with fall, the Library, or the Farmington community. Use that word to prompt creativity, and if you want, post it on social media with the hashtag #FCLArtober2020 and tag us so we can see!


Marvel Movie Mustache Moments


Create Marvel Movie Mustache Moments! Download our mustaches from our Resources Page (or make your own!) and tape them to your TV or computer screen while you watch Marvel movies, or clips on YouTube. When the mustaches line up, pause the movie to snap a pic, and send it to

Marvel Movie Mustache Moments

Crack the Code!


On May 14, we had a lot of fun learning about several different kinds of codes and ciphers! If you weren’t able to make it to one of the sessions, we have the materials available on our Resources Page so you can explore on your own!


Let us know if you have any questions! 23-11-52-15 21-51-34!

Crack the Code



Miss our Super Pros coding club? Vidcode is offering a fun alternative!


Learn JavaScript with fun interactive projects and drop-in working sessions on Tuesday afternoons!


For more information, and to sign up, go to


Digital Escape Room: Witcher Adventure


Here’s a change of pace! This Witcher Digital Adventure is more of a choose-your-own-adventure and less of a puzzle story.


It was created by Shannan Prukop for the San Antonio Public Library.

<Witcher Adventure

Digital Escape Room: Spy Apprentice


This Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room was created by Lauren Rura and Felicia Brock, Adult Service Librarians at Washington-Centerville Public Library in Centerville, OH.


This one is pretty tricky! It’s a great one to work on with friends!

Spy Apprentice

Digital Escape Room: Murder Mystery


We had a lot of fun with this one at last month’s Game Night! You might want to keep your investigation notepad at hand, though…


This Murder Mystery Virtual Escape Room was created by Morgan Lockard, Adult/Teen Services Librarian at the Campbell County Public Library.

Murder Mystery

Digital Escape Room: The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes


An overheard conversation puts you and your best friend Watson on a hunt for stolen top-secret submarine plans!


This Young Sherlock Holmes Virtual Escape Room was created by Samantha Albers and Lisa Trana at the Lake Agassiz Regional Library.

Young Sherlock Holmes

Digital Escape Room: Dr. Jones and the Lost Grail


Grab your hat and your sturdy boots: Dr. Indiana Jones needs your assistance!


This Lost Grail Virtual Escape Room was created by the Salt Lake County Library.


Choose wisely!

Dr. Jones and the Lost Grail

Digital Escape Room: A Hobbit’s Adventure


A visit to your old friend Bilbo Baggins for a few stories turns into an adventure reliving his adventures!


This Hobbit Adventure Virtual Escape Room was created by the Bedford Public Library. See you when you get back again!

A Hobbit Adventure

Digital Escape Room: Night at the Library


We’re sure you’ll have gnome problem with this digital escape room!


We aren’t sure who made this Night at the Library Escape Room, but it’s very creative and a lot of fun. Good luck!

Night at the Library

Digital Escape Room: The Case of the Missing Painting


In honor of tonight’s art program, we invite you to search for the missing Van Gogh painting! Pigeon is a particularly tricky thief; good luck!


This Missing Van Gogh Escape Room was created by the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library.

Van Gogh portrait

Digital Escape Room: Hamilton!


Don’t throw away your shot! Test your Hamilton knowledge with this digital escape room based on the musical!


This Hamilton Escape Room was created by Jessica Reid, Teen Librarian at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Hamilton Escape Room

Digital Escape Room: Escape from Fairytale Land


Celebrate this summer’s Story theme with this fractured fairy tale adventure!


Please note, this Escape from Fairytale Land was created by our sister library, Farmington Public Library in Missouri, not by FCL.


Pretty cool, huh? Did you know there are Farmington cities in 26 states?

Escape from Fairytale Land

Digital Escape Room: K-Pop Convention Adventure


What makes a K-Pop Convention even better? The chance for front-row tickets to your favorite band*’s show!


This K-Pop Trivia Game was created by Abigail Hsu, the Young Adult Librarian at the Morristown & Morris Township Library.


*There are four different bands at this “convention;” you can try the game for any or all of them!

K-pop Trivia Game

Digital Escape Room: Journey Through Oakwald Forest


General Aedion has tasked you with a simple delivery mission through Oakwald Forest to Allsbrook Castle. But nothing is ever simple when The Little Folk are around!


This Throne of Glass Escape Room was created by Youth Services Staff at Rita and Truett Smith Public Library.

Throne of Glass

Digital Escape Room: Escape From the Upside Down


With your good friend El in town, things are bound to go Upside Down…


Can you get back home safely?


This Stranger Things Escape Room was created by the Orland Park Public Library.

Stranger Things

Digital Escape Room: Winchesters Escape Room Mansion


In honor of one of our favorite high school graduates, we present a Supernatural-themed escape room! Team up with Dean and Sam to investigate – and escape – a mansion full of weird escape rooms…


This Winchester Digital Escape Room was created by the Salt Lake County Library.


Digital Escape Room: Fandom Crossing


What happens when you cross a virtual prom, Animal Crossing, and a handful of other favorite fandoms? Geeky fun, of course!


This Fandom Crossing Escape Room was created in collaboration by San Leandro Public Library and Arlington Public Library by Loretta Zhang and Portia Carryer.

Fandom Crossing

Digital Escape Room: Cabin Fever


Are you brave enough to explore the creepy cabin in the woods and escape with the prize?


Celeste Trottier, Teen Services Librarian at the St. Albert Public Library created this Cabin Fever Virtual Escape Room. Can you solve the clues left behind by the cabin’s previous owner?

Cabin Fever

Digital Escape Room: ‘Round the World Scavenger Hunt


Travel the world without taking a step! This week’s scavenger hunt uses the Google Earth website to show you 3D images of some of the world’s coolest places!


Staff at the Salt Lake County Library created this Google Earth Scavenger Hunt. If you attended our Wayfaring program last summer, this is a great way to practice a little navigation…

Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Digital Escape Room: Secret Agent Mission


The FBI needs your help to solve a super secret (and super tricky) case!


Test your wits on this Breakout EDU Secret Agent Mission. This one tripped Shira and Miss Jennie up the first time they took a crack at it…

FBI Secret Agent Escape Room

Digital Escape Room: Mandalorian Escape Room


In honor of our “May the Fourth be with you”-themed Battle coming up next week, we present this Mandalorian Digital Escape Room!


The Manchester Community College Library in Manchester, New Hampshire created this Mandalorian Escape Room. May the Force be with you!

Mandalorian Escape Room

Digital Escape Room: Hogwarts Escape Room


It’s your first day at Hogwarts, and the Prefects have created a fun team building exercise for you – a Muggle “escape room!” Good luck!


Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania created this Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. Can you solve all of the riddles and make it through?

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Digital Escape Room: Escape Your Boring Break


Puzzle your way through this interactive escape room – without leaving your own room!


Sam Boehle, Youth Programming Coordinator at Pekin Public Library in Pekin, Illinois created this Escape Your Boring Break digital escape room. Can you solve all of the riddles and make it through?



Digital Escape Room
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