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Creative Writing Competition

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Sponsored by Ray Okonski

Seventh through 12th-graders in the Farmington/Farmington Hills area
are eligible to win prizes in different writing categories and age divisions.

Winners will be honored Monday, June 20, 2016.


2016 Winners


Fiction, 12-14 years

1st place

Saber-Toothed Tigers by Anjali Chiravuri


2nd place

Alexei Baker Who’s No Longer a Bully by Emma Newman


3rd place

The Window by Grace Ho


Honorable Mention

A Long Day by Sophia Tesic


Fiction, 15-19 years

1st place

Millen Jay: Apprentice of Magic by MariaTeresa Carzon


2nd place

The Girl Who Sat Across from Me by Jennifer Chung


3rd place

Dereliction of Purity by Alex Marashai


Honorable Mention

Entering a Transportation Hub, or, The Minimal Effort Required to Succeed in Life by James Carzon

Poetry, 12-14 years

1st place

Emotions by Zion Helms


2nd place

Lies by Lila Watch


3rd place

Late by Grace Ho


Honorable Mention

Summer is a Time by Eden Comer


Poetry, 15-19 years

1st place

A World of Tomorrow by Smriti Patil


2nd place

Dignity by Josephine Wenson


3rd place

Whispers by Veena Thamilselvan




Age Divisions

Ages 12-14 and 15-19

All residents and/or students of Farmington/Farmington Hills in 7th -12th grade, public, private or parochial schools are eligible.



Fiction: 1-7 pages, typed. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and a total invention.

  • For both age groups, create a work of fiction of your choice.


Poetry: 3-100 lines, typed. A piece of literature written in rhythm and/or rhyme.

  • For both age groups, create a work of poetry of your choice.


Judges considered these qualifications when reviewing submissions:

originality; grammatical correctness and spelling; organization; word choice, imagery


Prizes are generously supplied by Ray Okonski.

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