Free Web-Based E-mail Services

One of the most popular internet services is electronic mail, or "e-mail". Metro Net does not offer e-mail service directly to the public. However, this collection of resources includes agencies that offer free e-mail (some require free registration first), e-mail reader software, etc. Other links on this page allow students who already have e-mail accounts at major Michigan universities to access their e-mail directly from this page.

The Farmington Community Library does not endorse any of these resources or services linked on this page, nor do we provide technical support to users of these services. Please be aware as well that some free e-mail providers do sell their subscription lists to advertisers. Many privacy advocates point out that "free" E-mail service may often come with a hidden cost: accompanying ads, unwanted spam, and even targeted marketing practices.

Caveat emptor!-(Let the buyer beware!)

Where to Find Free E-Mail Providers

Major Free E-Mail Providers

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E-Mail Software & Services

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WebMail University E-Mail Accounts

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