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Volunteer Opportunities

Adult Volunteers at the Main Library &
Adult and Student Volunteers at the Downtown Farmington Branch

Volunteers are at the heart of Farmington Community Library. Between our two branches, we utilize more than 100 regular volunteers. They help us to provide – free of charge – educational, recreational, and cultural services and programs, and in return, they get the satisfaction of giving back to their community!

For more information about the types of jobs that volunteers do at our library, and to apply for a position, please complete the volunteer application form. This form is for high school students and adults who wish to volunteer at the Downtown Farmington Branch, and adults who wish to volunteer at the Main Library on Twelve Mile. The Main Library also has limited opportunities for high school students aged 16 and older, who may also apply using the form linked below.

Please read through the form carefully, as it contains important information about what you can expect from our volunteer program! Thank you for your interest, and the kind offer of your time.

We Are Not Accepting Adult Volunteers at This Time

Teen Volunteers in the Farmington Library’s Teen Department

For more information on volunteering for the Farmington Library’s Teen Department, click here.

Teen Volunteers in the Main Library’s Children’s Department

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Farmington Community Library. We view this opportunity as work experience and as a wonderful way for you to contribute to the community and gain job skills. Therefore, we expect our volunteers to be responsible, ready to learn new tasks, and to have a personal interest in volunteering. Your time, energy, and talent help us to provide excellent service to our community! To ensure that our volunteers and their guardians understand our expectations, we have an application specific for Teens that needs to be SIGNED by both the volunteer and a parent or guardian responsible for the volunteer.

Information on Volunteering

  • This information applies only to Teen volunteers at the Main Library, located on 12 Mile Road.
  • Volunteers must be 14 years or older.
  • You must submit a Teen Volunteer Application Form before we schedule you. You can request a form from the Information Desk downstairs in the Main Library’s Children’s Department.
  • Teen Volunteers will be scheduled for one 2 hour shift. After successfully completing the shift, volunteers can be scheduled for the next shift.
  • Volunteers will be scheduled according to the needs of the library.

Volunteer Jobs May Include

  • Cleaning books & toys
  • Organizing books
  • Preparing craft materials
  • Cleaning up craft projects

For those needing a specific number of hours by a deadline, please keep in mind that we are not able to accommodate all those that have an interest in volunteering here.
Volunteering opportunities outside of the library:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Children’s Department at the Main Library, in person or by phone at (248) 848-4315.

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