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Memorials, Donations, & Gifts

Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions to the Library support the purchase of books and other materials to maintain the Library’s status as a premier facility. Donations may be in the form of a memorial or tribute to an individual. Donors may suggest subject areas for purchase if the gift is intended to improve the collection. While specific titles may be suggested, the librarian is charged with selecting an appropriate title that will best meet the collection development guidelines. A general donation may be used for books, audio materials and programs. Your contribution may also be used for a chosen purpose, such as the Children’s Garden or membership in the Farmington Friends of the Library. Call (248) 848-4303 for more information.

This .pdf document tells how you can make your gift count!

All gifts will be acknowledged with a receipt. The staff member accepting the gift should obtain the name and address of the donor, as well as any information concerning a person honored or remembered with the gift. Acknowledgement is also sent to the person(s) requested by the donor, i.e., a bereaved family.

Your gift may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax adviser.

Memorials and Tributes

Tribute Collection: Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to remember friends and family for special occasions. Your gift will greatly enhance Library collections and resources for our community.

Paver Tiles: A paver tile commemorating birthdays, anniversaries and memorials of your friends and family can be part of the walkway to the entrance of the Main Library, with prices starting at $200, depending on the length of the message.

Donors’ Special Collection: Major donations are recognized with the donor’s name engraved on the spine of a book on the bronze bookshelf at the entrance of the Main Library. Lifetime donations begin at $5,000 on the lower shelf, $10,000 on the middle, and major contributions on the top Endowment Shelf. Donations for the Farmington Friends of the Library section are $2,500 for the lower shelf, $5,000 for the middle, and major contributions for the top Endowment Shelf.

Endowment Fund: This is a self-renewing resource in which the gift’s principal is invested in perpetuity with a portion of the interest income used annually for a stated purpose.

Wills and Bequests: A planned gift to the Library offers an opportunity to create a meaningful legacy consistent with your personal values and financial objectives. An attorney, accountant or trust officer can provide assistance as you plan your gift.

We recognize that ALL donors, regardless of the size of their contributions, share a passion for reading and learning that collectively support our Library mission: “. . . .to facilitate independent learning and encourage the love of reading from early childhood throughout one’s life.”

Your gift may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax advisor.

Donations of Books, Materials, and Other Items

Patrons have also been generous in donating books, other Library materials and equipment to the Library. Such generosity is a major source of paperback books and an excellent source of titles not owned by the Library. Any material given to the Library may be added, and later removed, from the collection based on the Library’s Collection Development Guidelines. Those items which cannot be used will be sold in the Friends of the Library Book Sale, whose funds support the Library, or given to other non-profit or charitable organizations.

Gifts of artwork, personal property, equipment, real estate and stocks may be accepted at the discretion of the Library Director if such terms or conditions are acceptable to the Library Board of Trustees.

Gifts of computer hardware are accepted at the discretion of the Coordinator of Technology, since the Library’s requirements change with technological development and enhancements. The Library staff may be able to suggest other organizations which will accept older hardware.

If you have books or other materials to donate, you may wish to call ahead (248) 553 0300 to arrange for someone to assist you in carrying items into the building and obtaining a receipt for tax purposes.

Generally, the Library does not accept:

  • Computer Software
  • Books and items that are without covers, stained, mildewed or musty or with yellowed or brittle paper
  • Recordings (vinyl records and cassette tapes)
  • Video Cassettes
  • Computer software
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Textbooks and workbooks over 5 yrs. old
  • Magazines
  • Law and Medical Collections
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