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  • Cover
    A retrospective look at his life and mission.
  • Justice
    ". . .to make all people truly free, and to make each person feel that they are a human being."
  • Rosparks
    Rosa Parks, December, 1955
  • Sept3 1958
    Sept. 3 1958: Dr. King is arrested in Albany, GA, while trying to gain admittance to the trial of his colleague, Dr. Ralph Abernathy.
  • Albanygamarch
    Albany, GA—A demonstrastion to desegregate public facilities, December, 1961
  • Arrestedinalbany
    Dr. King in the Police Chief's office in Albany, GA after being arrested on Dec. 16, 1961
  • Birmingham2
    Birmingham, AL, 1963
  • Birminghamdog
    "I send you as sheep, into the midst of wolves"
  • Birminghamfirehoses
    Through the fire, and the water. . . .
  • Jailed
    Dr. King in jail in Birmigham, AL
  • Letter From A Birmingham Jail
    Where he wrote the "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" in April, 1963
  • Myrlie Evers
    Myrlie Evers at the funeral of her husband, Medgar Evers, murdered June 12, 1963
  • Selmatomontgomery
    Selma to Montgomery, 1963
  • Nobelpeaceprize
    Dr. King and his Nobel Peace Prize, Dec. 10, 1963
  • Marching
    We Shall Overcome!
  • MartinLutherKingHaveaDream
    "I have a dream. . . ."
  • Washington
    The March on Washington, 1963
  • Martin Luther KingwithLBJ
    In the White House, 1964
  • Civilrightssigning
    Dr. King and LBJ at the signing of the Civil Rights Bill, July 2, 1964
  • Cicereo Rock
    Dr. King struck by a rock thrown at a march in Cicero, IL, 1966
  • MartinLutherKingQuotes
    "Freedom must be demanded."
  • Martin Luther King3
    "We must let them know that nothing can stop us—not even death itself."
  • Withdaughters
    Dr. King with two of his daughters
  • Withson
    Dr. King and his young son
  • Preaching
    Dr. King preaching
  • RevDrMartin Luther King
    "We have a power—a power that cannot be found in bullets and guns!"
  • Penultimate
    The last photograph taken of Dr. King in Memphis, with sanitation workers just before his death.
  • Martyred
    Martyred April 4, 1968 in Memphis, TN