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Stella Strye. The Religious History of Farmington. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1978.

1 The Religious History of Farmington By Stella Strye Publish
2 The Religious History of Farmington By Stella Strye Copyrig
3 Dedicated to the missionaries and preachers who brought the
4 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This historical account is offered as a hum
5 INDIAN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS "In the beginning God ............
6 ligious activity. He transcended himself in a seance. He ex
7 THE BEGINNINGS "Feed my sheep ................. "(John: 21:
8 The Reverend Richard A. Geiger, organizing pastor, conducte
9 Reverend George W. Ramsey was installed as Pastor March 19,
10 THE BAPTIST CHURCH Like the Quakers who settled in Farmingt
11 First Baptist Church of Farmington (prior to 1930) Baptist
12 were crushing years for the Farmington church, however no m
13 As plans were being made in 1951 for the anni- versary of 1
14 THE METHODISTS Following the founding of Methodism by John
15 AC- 1"Ii Built in 1844 the Methodist Church atop the hill 1
16 The Farmington Methodist Episcopal Church During a period o
17 In the fall of 1921 the official board, in conjunction with
18 Rev. Elsie A. Johns Under the benevolent but strong guidanc
19 i-. - v - '4 1 'N iaa 1941 Old Church Building The church
20 THE UNIVERSALIST CHURCH A. B. Bresfold D.D., wrote on April
21 would preach 31 times for a sum of one hundred twenty dolla
22 ioners contributed to the support of the Pastor for one yea
23 The Oakland County History, published in 1877, states that
24 THE LUTHERANS German settlers in Farmington Township filled
25 Due to steady growth of St. Paul's, space for con- ducting
26 SALEM UNITED CHURCH The history of the Salem United Church
27 Rev. John Bollens Rev. George Deckinger 1901-1905 1876-1878
28 During the first World War, a Red Cross sewing cir- cle met
29 "To celebrate the Centennial year of Salem United Church of
30 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE As many pilgrims first settling in this c
31 On March 6, 1953, Christian Science Society, Farm- ington,
32 THE CATHOLIC CHURCH "It is like a mustard seed ............
33 The Old Frame Church at Power and Shiawassee. people gather
34 In 1934, the society of St. Vincent de Paul enjoyed a first
35 was constructed to house and accommodate twenty teaching nu
36 women for the Mercy Order, has been discontinued. One secti
37 Etta Vanderburgh. Choirs, with voices raised in praise of H
38 IN RECENT YEARS "That whoever believe in Him may not die ..
39 On October 1, 1956, Trinity Episcopal's permanent church wa
40 For thirty years, Temple Beth El, a conservative branch of
41 Farmington, Bloomfield and West Bloomfield Town- ships orga
43 ST. CLARE 29200 10 Mile Road ST. ALEXANDER 27825 Shiawassee
45 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Seventh Day Adventist 29831 10 Mile R