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When I pass the Library late at night, isn't it a waste of energy to have all the lights still on?

The lights are left on each night for the cleaning crew that come in to clean. They are instructed to turn off the lights as they finish cleaning the areas of the Library. It does take three individuals several hours to clean the entire building. We do try to conserve energy whenever possible and have worked with an energy consultant to achieve this. We are converting many of the older light fixtures to reduce the energy needed.

Please limit the circulation period on new DVDs to one or two days. It takes too long to get new titles.

The Library has created a special "Lucky Day" DVD Collection that is shelved along with the "Lucky Day" books. These circulate for a two day loan period and can not be reserved or renewed. The Library will be purchasing as many copies for "Lucky Day" as for the regular DVD collection. If a patron has a reserve for a specific DVD, and they are able to check out a "Lucky Day" copy, their name will automatically be removed from the hold request list for regular copy. With the additional funds going into purchasing the in-demand titles and the creation of the "Lucky Day" DVD collection, you should be able to check out the hot new movies with a shorter wait time.

It would be helpful to have a hard copy list of audiobooks and DVDs.

Since we have over 6,000 audiobooks and over 9,000 DVDs this would be a huge printing job. The Library is also continually adding new items. You can bring up this list from the first screen of our catalog. If you click on the down arrow by "Media Titles" you will then be able to click on either DVDs or Audiobooks and bring up the entire list. From this screen you can then click on the down arrow by "Sort by" and choose "Publication date" and it will bring up the newest items first. Soon we will also have a "New Items" list available form the first screen of the catalog, too.

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I enjoy placing holds online and Using your self checkout a lot. I would love it if you had a recycling bin there to place the holds paper in.

Both Branches of the Library now have recycling bins for white paper. At the Main Library they are located in the copy room and by the self checkout stations. The Branch Library has bins located in the Commons area near the copier and printer and in the lower level just outside the Auditorium door. The Libraries also recycle all of our newspapers and magazines. Both Circulation Desks now sell large recyclable bags at cost ($2.00).

The self scanners at the self checkout stations are difficult to use.

The Library now has new optical scanners that easily read the barcode of your library card.

Please offer family programs for children of all ages during evening and weekend hours—especially in the winter!

Both branches of the Library offer special family programs throughout the year. Please look at our Programs/Events section of our Web site and select the Library Programs/Events Details for programs held at the Main Library and Farmington Branch. The calendar view makes it easy to spot weekend and evening programs, and the description page will help you to know if the program targets children in your family.

Please call the Children's Information Desk at any time for more information about our programs: (248) 848-4315.

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Can you provide a list of books that I have read in the past?

Due to privacy issues, the Library does not retain records of what you have read in the past. However, you can go to LibraryThing on the web, open a free acount for yourself, and then create your own lists, sort them however you wish, even read and write reviews. You can also look at similar titles and lists, Check out our own Readers' Blog, too!

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