Farmington Friends of the Library Projects

Moving Your Library Forward

The Farmington Friends of the Library are helping shape the future of learning and living in our community, because our goals make new features a reality at both the Farmington and Farmington Hills Branches.

We embrace the challenge of the future by helping implement new technologies and programs that go beyond the library's day-to-day activities - programs that may not currently be supported by State or community funds. The Friends have been instrumental in initiating services that our visitors now take for granted—Internet access from the library, a circulating collection of DVDs, CDs, and Mp3s, and digitization with online access via our Website of the Farmington Observer among them.

Friends Projects

Year-Round Projects

  • Books and Bites (Selected Months)

  • Books for Babies

  • BookPage, America's Book Review

  • DVDs for Family Movie Nights

  • Info Exchange (Library Programs and Events Newsletter)

  • Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Meters


Projects during January through April


  • "These Hands: A Civil Rights Retelling"


  • Battle of the Books

  • Spider Gets Around: Anansi Travel Tales

  • Spotlight on Youth Theatre: Snow White


  • Book Parade

  • Friends of Four Hands

  • Matthew Ball, the Boogie Woogie Boy

  • One School, One Book


  • No Projects during This Month


Projects during May and June


  • Volunteer Lunch


  • Fake Photo Contest

  • Get Carded @ Your Library

  • Summer Reading Clubs (Kids, Teens, and Adults) and Prize Drawings

  • Twilight Numbered Chairs Game