General Food and Drink Resources


Over 30,000 recipes—this is the home cook's best-loved recipe, food and cooking resource.

Betty Crocker

Make every day homemade with Betty Crocker's meal ideas, baking tips, recipes, catalog shopping, coupons and more.

Chef Talk

Chef Talk is the food lover's link to professional chefs Check back each month for special culinary features, a new chef of the month, and other special articles; you can also subscribe to their free Newsletter.


For chocolaholics (and the rest of us, too!) this page links visitors to 24 chocolate sites, including Godiva and Hershey.

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An impressive list of recipes in all categories.

This website offers over 18,000 different recipes, articles on entertaining and menu planning, kitchen tips, and more!

Copykat Creations

Reproduces famous recipes from restaurants and other locations. Try their incredible version of Cinnabon.

Culinary Café

A great site for recipe searching, product reviews and food news. Has bulletin boards for posting questions and ideas.

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Cyber Kitchen

Includes a recipe exchange board, cookbooks, and links to over 4,000 other sites.


The online home of Bon Appetit and Gourmet Magazines featuring recipes, menus, chefs, wines, and much more!

Food Maven

"Maven" is a Yiddish word that means connoisseur; in other words, a person who can discern quality. This searchable site is rich with writings on food, cookery, restaurants, chefs, etc. Includes a listing of New York's Most Useful Restaurants. Arthur Schwartz, the host, is a New York food editor, critic, and lecturer, who lives to avoid using the "G-word"—(=Gourmet).

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Food Network

Cooking recipe collections, entertaining, bar basics, healthy cooking and recipe videos with step-by-step instructions from Food Network chefs.

Great Party Recipes

Looking to plan a party but have no idea what to serve? Check this website out. A great list of easy party and punch recipes.

Grill It Safely

Unsure when to take off those burgers or chicken? A temperature and cooking time guide is just one of the features of this brief but informative document from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Tips o shopping, preparing, transporrting and grilling meats.

Hershey's Kitchens

A wonderful assemblage of recipes centering about the world-famous chocolatier"s products. Also contains baking hints, holiday recipes, and offers an e-newsletter.

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Cooking, and so much more. Entertaining from the do-it-all diva herself.


Easy meal planning, coupons, an extensive section on kitchen basics, newsletter, online story and the annual Bake-Off Contest.

The Reluctant Gourmet

A good site for beginners and intermediate cooks. Included are techniques, recipes and tips from the viewpoint of a nonprofessional cook.

The Recipe Link

This site has news columns on food from major newspapers. Lists recalls/alerts on food from various government and consumer oriented sources. Links to cookbooks, menu helps, and recipes.

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Southern U.S. Cuisine

Not just for Southerners, this site contains recipes from all over the country, including 1,200 crockpot recipes!

Top Secret Recipes

Clone recipes from restaurants and fast food places, brand-name foods, and more!

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Beverages Wine and Winemaking

Featuring wineries from the U. S. and around the world, recipes, books and magazines on wine, and beginner's wine info.

Brew Your Own Brew

Although this is a commercial site, many useful tips are offered, together with listings of recommended equipment and techniques.


Find your favorite cocktail in the A to Z list, along with the best finger foods to go with any occasion. Also contains a "Drink Responsibly" link and one for the best toasts for any event.

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Coffee/Tea Home Page

Join a Coffee/Tea of the Month Club, home roast your own,and learn to make the perfect cup.

Easy Party Punch Recipes

Thought you knew everything about Punch? Check this web site out for its history, recipe selections, the 8 rules of Punch recipes, and presentation tips.


idrink is a drink mixing web site that not only allows you to search and browse drinks but also to enter the ingredients you have around the house and it will tell you what drinks you can make.

The Webtender

An online bartending guide where you can search, browse, or vote for your favorite drink.

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Ethinc / Regional Cooking

A Culinary World Tour

A sampling of different cuisines from around the world. Try some Borscht from Russia, Pad Thai from Thailand, or how about Baba Ghannouj from the Middle East? Be adventurous and enjoy!'s Ethnic Cuisines: Chinese Cuisine

Whether you prefer the Cantonese, Northern, Shanghai, or Szechuan style of cooking, it's all here. Learn about the etiquette, food, and culture of China along with traditional Chinese holidays. French Cuisine brings you the best of French cooking with decadent desserts and pastries, cheeses, soups and coffee French Style. Also, check out the cooking schools, learn some new cooking techniques or take a culinary tour of the country.

The African Cookbook

Menus and recipes from every African country, with tips on authentically presenting and serving each dish.

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Ethnic Foods from GourmetSpot

Sample some of the best recipes from Japan, Italy, India, and Thailand. Also features a link to where you can shop for ingredients and find other recipes from around the world.

Italian Cuisine

Antipasti, wines, pasta, and pizza brought to you by A constantly changing feature, "In the Spotlight", highlights subjects ranging from life in Italy and restaurant reviews to making Wedding Soup.

Kosher Express Kitchen

Part of the Jewish Web WebRing, a What's Cooking section, features what's new and hot at Kosher Express; Recipes is an online cookbook, and Resources provides links to Judaic resources on the web and allows one to peruse articles, review questions and answers on Passover baking, etc.

Mediterranean Recipes has compiled Mediterranean recipes that can be searched by category or region.

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Olive Garden

The Olive Garden Restaurant shares Italian recipes to prepare at home, including Cooking Videos and a recipe search feature.

Recipe Source

The new home for SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes. Choose recipes by ethnic region or by type of dish. Includes recipes for holiday foods and special diets.

Southern U.S. Cuisine

Featuring everything Southern including jambalaya, fried chicken, cornbread and biscuits. Also has holiday, Cajun and African American recipes.

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Healthy Cooking

American Dietetic Association

This is the nation's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The ADA provides information on optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

Cooking Light

A great source for food and fitness. Features include: a recipe search, today's tip, bulletin board, contests and events from Cooking Light magazine.


Includes healthy recipes, nutrition info, diet and weight loss tips.

Healthy Cooking Recipes

A wealth of recipes and information on healthy eating.

Low Fat Cooking

Everything you need to effortlessly transform your daily habits into a new healthy lifestyle. Offers recipes, step-by-step instructions, techniques, and low fat cooking supplies.

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The World's Healthiest Food

This web site was established by The George Mateljan Foundation to share the benefits of healthy eating. Check it out for information on the healthiest foods and how to prepare them.

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Holiday / Seasonal Cooking

General Holiday / Seasonal Cooking

(See Also: Thanksgiving   )

Holiday Cooking

Thousands of recipes from Choose your holiday-Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas—and start planning your menu today.

Thanksgiving and Holiday Cooking Hotlines

Need last minute help cooking your dinner? Try some of these sites for frequently asked questions or call the toll-free hotline.

Wassail Recipes


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Holidays and Festivities

Recipes, menus, and crafts for Hanukkah.

Jewish Holiday Cooking—Hanukkah

Hanukkah recipes and food sites.

Holiday Baking

12 Days of Cookies

Sign up to receive the 2006 cookie recipes or try some of the favorites from the 12 Days of Cookies past from The Food Network.

Christmas and Holiday Recipes

Recipes, baking tips, and ideas for the holiday season.

Holiday Cookie Collection

From, includes cookie making tips and recipes.

Homemade Cookie Recipes

From bars and brownies to refrigerator cookies, cookie recipes for every holiday and occasion.

Now. . . You're Cooking!

Looking to make cookies for a cookie swap? Try some of these recipes.

Happy New Year!

New Year's at Fabulous Foods

A great resource for traditions, parties, menus, and recipes for bringing in the New Year.

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Throw a New Year's Eve party to remember with these recipes, games, decorations, and more.


Recipes / Foods

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

Ideas for "dressing up store-bought products so that they'll taste and look special to your guests" at Thanksgiving and suggestions for lightening up Thanksgiving side dishes. Includes tips for stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, etc.

Let's Talk Turkey

Planning Thanksgiving dinner, but don't have much time? Here you will find tips, hints, shortcuts, recipes and menus for busy cooks.

National Turkey Federation

Everything you ever wanted to know about turkey…turkey recipes, preparation tips, and demonstrations.

New York Times Thanksgiving Help

Answers to your holiday questions and conundrums by the Dinin and other experts on food, drink and entertaining. Covers Turkey, Sides, Drinks, Desserts and Logistics!

Thanksgiving and Holiday Cooking Hotlines

Need last minute help cooking your dinner? Try some of these sites for frequently asked questions or call the toll-free hotline.

Thanksgiving Recipes from America's Past

Find recipes for mince pie (1832), chestnut stuffing (1891), roast turkey with truffle gravy (1905), and a variety of pies and other holiday dishes. Recipes are accompanied by vintage illustrations. From the Pilgrim Hall Museum (Plymouth, Massachusetts).

Thanksgiving from

Try traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving menus from a variety of sources.

Thanksgiving Recipes and Resources

A wealth of information on making your Thanksgiving dinner perfect, including recipes and menus.

Turkey for the Holidays

This guide includes information on turkey cooking techniques, selection, carving, side dishes, nutrition, food safety, and using leftovers. Also features interesting trivia and facts about turkey and Thanksgiving, and related links. From the University of Illinois Extension.

History / Traditions

Harvest Ceremony: Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth

This document, originally from the Smithsonian, "assists teachers in preparing lessons about the first Thanksgiving. The study guide includes information on which Native peoples met the first European immigrants in 1621, the harvest celebration, the Wampanoag today, the importance of corn, and instructions on how to make Johnny cakes." Brought to us by the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). Opens into a PDF document.

The First Thanksgiving: Mayflower Voyage

Learn about the Mayflower's voyage in 1620, as well the Harvest Feast that became known as the "First Thanksgiving".

The First Thanksgiving: Plimoth, 1621

Find out about the daily lives of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag as you go back to the year of the first Thanksgiving." Features a timeline, information about the Mayflower ship and voyage, a brief description of daily life in 1621 for the Pilgrims and Wampanoag. Also includes images and interviews from historical re-enactments, and a quiz. Includes links to some commercial content. From publisher and media company Scholastic Inc.

Plimoth Plantation

This living history center in Plymouth, Massachusetts, re-creates a 1627 Pilgrim village that was "built by English colonists in the midst of the Wampanoag homeland." The site features a virtual tour of the village and a Wampanoag homesite, articles about the colonists and Native Americans, Thanksgiving recipes, and an interactive feature about the first Thanksgiving. Also includes tourist information for Plymouth

Thanksgiving 2011 Facts (U. S. Census Bureau)

A fascinating compilation of current facts and statistics about this Feast.

Thanksgiving in North America: From Local Harvests to National Holiday

This site traces the history of Thanksgiving in North America and the U.S. "Most Americans are familiar with the Pilgrim's Thanksgiving Feast of 1621, but few realize that it was not the first festival of its kind in North America." Discusses Native American harvest celebrations; celebrations in Newfoundland, Florida, Maine, and Virginia prior to the Pilgrims' celebration; and presidential Thanksgiving proclamations. Part of the Encyclopedia Smithsonian from the Smithsonian Institution.


FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive

This archive has over 3,000 vegetarian recipes as well as information about healthy low fat vegetarian diets. But you don't have to be vegetarian to enjoy these recipes. Browse and enjoy!

Free Veg Recipes

A low-fat vegetarian archive

Vegetarian Living

From PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), this site offersa wealth of information on vegetarian and vegan recipes, cheat sheets, restaurant guides, etc..

Vegetarian Cuisine

Brought to you by, the site offers a recipe index, the top 10 most requested recipes, holiday cooking, vegan, and fruitarian menus.

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Vegetarian Times

Simple food, all vegetarian, plus health and lifestyle information.


A great on-line vegetarian resource guide. Contains the recipe of the week, searchable archives, a bulletin board to post vegetarian recipes, and even veggie poetry!

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