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Metro Net Lending Library (OverDrive)

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The Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive) offers nearly 3,400 downloadable titles, and has a very complete and useful set of Help Pages covering most questions and problems. OverDrive also offers free Frontline Tech Support: this allows you to fill out an online form, and include screen captures if you like; OverDrive will then confirm receipt via email, including assigninga case number to your report, and will then contact you by email to resolve to problem.. Here is a direct link to OverDrive Frontline Tech Support.

First in priority is the Quick Start Guide, which tells you how to download, install and activate the free OverDrive Media Console on your PC, MAC, and certain mobile phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. This software is necessary to implement downloading of eBooks and transferring them to devices other than those listed above.Step-by-step installation instructions for this software can be viewed or printed out.

You can also check whether your device works with the OverDrive Media Console by consulting the detailed Device Resource Center.

Next, the Help Pages answer almost every conceivable question regarding devices, downloading, compatibility and incompatibility. The Device Resource Center covers compatible and incompatible ereaders, and a large assortment of frequently-asked question. It also includes detailed information on how to test your reader device for compatibility with their eBooks.

Here are links to the other most frequently-requested topics:

Popular eBook Readers

Downloadable titles can be accessed, downloaded and viewed on PCs, MACs, and mobile phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile), as well as a large variety of eReaders and tablets. Here are support links for the most commonly-used eBook reader devices. (For a complete list, See OverDrive's Device Central page.) A number of smartphones are also supported via that page, and your smartphone carrier vendor may also have online help and documentation available.


Apple's iPad runs the same operating system as the iPod Touch and iPhone—and can run its own applications as well as iPhone applications.

iPad Readers support only the ePub eBook format, and not the .pdf format. (Click the eBook Formats tab, above, for more information.)

iPad also supports both .MP3 and WMA Audio Book formats at this time, as well as the QuickTime video format (but not Adobe Flash).

Nook and Nook Color

The Nook reader runs the Android's operating system. The original Nook provides a black-and-white E nk display for viewing digital content with most navigation and additional content provided through a touchscreen. The Color Nook provides a larger, color LCD display. Pages are turned using arrow buttons on each side of the nook. The original Nook connects to Barnes and Noble's digital store through a free connection to AT&T's 3G network or through available wi-fi connections. Users can read books without a wireless connection; disconnecting the wireless connection can extend the battery's charge to up to ten days.

Nook Readers support both ePub and .pdf eBook formats (Click the eBook Formats tab, above, for more information), and the MP3 Audio Book format at this time.

A visual tutorial is available from the "Being Ruth"that will teach you how to put eBooks from OverDrive on your Nook, as well as how to return an eBook to OverDrive before the lending period is done.

Nook e-reader software is freely available for Apple products, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, HTC HD2 units (aka Windows Mobile devices), and Windows-based computers.Nook ebooks can be freely shared among all Nook sftware-enabled devices.


Metro Net Lending Library / OverDrive customers can now search for and select a book to borrow. Once you choose a book, customers can choose to "Send to Kindle" and will be redirected to to login to your account and the book will be delivered to the device you select via Wi-Fi, or can be transferred via USB. You can check out a Kindle book and start reading on any generation Kindle device or free Kindle app for Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, as well as in your web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.

How to do it:

  • Check out a Kindle Book from Overdrive
  • Log In by selecting Farmington Public Library and entering your fCL Librry Card barcode number
  • Click Get for Kindle on the Download screen to be taken to Amazon® to get your Library book.
  • Log In to (or Create) your account
  • If you;re not already signed in, click Get Library book and then sign in.
  • Select your Kindle device as the destination to deliver the title. (Requires an active internet connection)

Amazon offers an excellent Kindle support site for your use.

Free Kindle reading software can be installed on Apple products, Android smartphones, BlackBerries, and PCs. When author rights allow it, the Kindle can read out loud to you.

Kindle does not actually download files to its e-reader. Instead, the files are stored on Amazon servers in the Amazon Cloud. The Kindle merely accesses your ebook files stored in its Amazon cloud. Kindle users may now loan their ebooks to other Kindle users for a period of 14 days. During that time, the owner loses access to that file. After 14 days, the file is disabled on the borrower's machine and is re-enabled on the lender's unit.

eBook Formats

A word about DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection is used by manufacturers to encrypt files so that viewing or playback rights can be controlled under copyright. The three eBook file formats (see tabs, below) used by the Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive) and NetLibrary employ DRM technology.

Adobe ePub eBook Format

Adobe ePub eBooks are digital versions of print books that you can check out from the Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive). You can download and read Adobe ePub eBooks on your Windows� or Mac� computer using Adobe Digital Editions and on supported Android and Apple devices using OverDrive Media Console v2 (or newer. Adobe ePub eBooks can also be transferred from Windows and Mac to many eBook reading devices. Most non-Kindle ebooks appear in the ePub format.

Adobe PDF eBook Format

Adobe PDF eBooks are eBooks that you can check out from the Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive). Download and read Adobe PDF eBooks on your Windows or Mac computer using Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe PDF eBooks can be transferred to supported eBook reading devices.

Mobipocket eBook Format

Want to read ebooks on your mobile Windows or BlackBerry device? Mobipocket (.mobi or .pre) is your format of choice. The Mobipocket Reader is a universal eBook Reader for Windows� computers running Windows 2000 (or newer) as well as Windows Mobile�-based Smartphones and other PDAs.

Amazon purchased Mobipocket in 2005. As a result, Mobipocket files free of DRM can be read on Amazon's Kindle e-readers.Read this article to learn How to Convert E-Books for the Amazon Kindle, in which Spanner Spencer explains what files are compatible with, or can be converted to, Amazon's proprietary AWZ format.


Downloadable Audio Book Formats

A word about DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection is used by manufacturers to encrypt files so that viewing or playback rights can be controlled under copyright. The WMA Audio Book file formats (see tabs, below) used by the Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive) and NetLibrary employ DRM technology. The MP3 Audio Book file format is free of such DRM protection.

WMA Audio Book File Format

A WMA Audiobook title is a digitally-protected Audiobook that has been optimized for download. Most WMA Audiobook titles are built using the Microsoft� Windows Media� Audio format, which greatly enhances the sound quality for desktop listening, play of CD copies (where permitted by the publisher), and portable device use.

MP3 Audio Book File Format

MP3 Audiobook are audio books that you can check out, download, and listen to on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Windows Mobile using OverDrive Media Console. On Windows and Mac, you can transfer OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks to supported devices and burn them to CD.