The Farmington Community Library offers you free access to over 3,300 downloadable audio books from the Metro Net Online Lending Library (OverDrive).. (In addition, the Library has nearly 15,000 audio books available for check out, most in CD format, with some on MP3 discs.)

Downloadable audio books come in either of two formats, depending upon whether the producer uses digital rights management (DRM) to protect against misuse of playback rights or not.

DRM-protected audio books are in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. A WMA Audio Book title is a digitally-protected audiobook that has been optimized for download. This format greatly enhances the sound quality for desktop listening, play of CD copies (where permitted by the publisher), and portable device use. The other format is MP3, which does not use digital rights management.

MP3 Audio Books are Audio Books that you can check out, download and listen to on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Windows Mobile using OverDrive Media Console. On Windows and Mac, you can transfer OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks to supported devices and burn them to CD.

Both of these formats:

  • Require OverDrive's downloadable Media Console to be installed on your computer (Windows or Mac). OverDrive's the Quick Start Guide, tells you how to download, install and activate this free software on your computer, which is necessary to implement downloading of Audio Books as well as transferring them to devices other than your PC.

  • You can then listen to the titles on your computer, and burn some to CDs.

  • Most titles can also be transferred to other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, including Apple products.

  • OverDrive's Help Pages cover most questions and problems.

    The Help Pages answer almost every conceivable question regarding devices, downloading, compatibiltiy and incompatibility. The Device Resource Center covers compatible and incompatible playing devices, and a large assortment of frequently-asked question. It also includes detailed information on how to test your device for compatibility with their Audio Books.

  • You can "check out" (download and use) up to 10 titles for 10 days.

  • OverDrive provides automatic check-in. You need to then delete the title from your PC and%or player device.

  • Renewals are not possible. You need to check in a title, and then check it out again.

You Will Need:

  • A valid FCL Library Card

  • An Internet-connected computer

  • Windows Media Player: Download the most current version (Use the Tools menu / Windows Upgrade in your Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser's Menu Bar).

  • Next, download and install the OverDrive Media Console, which is necessary to download and transfer Audio Books.

    Go to the download site and choose a version for your PC, MAC, or mobile device from those listed (Check the OverDrive Media Cnsole Frequently Asked Questions for more information and options).

    Select the correct version (MAC or Windows, Click the download icon, then click "Run" and follow the instructions

Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Browse

Step 2: Select and Check Out

  • If a Downloadable audio book title is listed in our online catalog, clicking on it will take you to the Metro Net Online Lending Library site.

  • Add selections to your "Cart". (If a title is not available, you may place a hold. You will receive an email when the title is available for checkout.)

  • Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" link and enter your library card number.

Step 3: Download and Enjoy!

  • Click on the "Download" button under each title to launch OverDrive Media Console.

  • Select the parts you wish to download, then click "OK". The download will begin.

  • Once downloaded, titles may be enjoyed on your computer and transferred to a supported portable device!

After downloading, most titles can be transferred to a portable device. (For iPods, please see additional comments below).

  • 1. Open OverDrive Media Console
  • 2. Select the title you wish to transfer
  • 3. Click "Transfer"
  • 4. The Transfer Wizard will open. Then:
  • Connect your portable device to your computer. Click "Next"
  • When the device is detected, the "Confirm" screen will appear
  • Select the "Parts" of the Audio Book you wish to transfer and click "Next"
  • OverDrive Media Console will test for storage space before beginning the transfer
  • After the transfer is complete, you may disconnect your device
  • 5. Click "Finish" to close the Wizard

Special Additional Instructions for Transferring Downloaded Audio Books to an iPod:

Most titles are available.

  • Use the latest OverDrive Media Console version

  • Have the latest version of iTunes and QuickTime

  • Check "Manually Manage Music"

  • Set "AAC Encoder" 32 Kbps

Transferring Downloaded Aduio Books to Your SmartPhone

OverDrive provides Media Console support for a number of smartphones via its Media Console site via free apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and windows Mobile devices.

Download Directly to Your iPhone

The free software can be installed on devices running iPhone operating system (v3.1.3 or newer), and used to enjoy MP3 audiobooks from this site.

  • A description / preview of OverDrive Media Console for iPhone is displayed at the iTunes Preview Web site. Your web browser may ask if you want to allow this Web site to open iTunes®. If prompted, choose to allow the website to open iTunes. Otherwise, click the View in iTunes button on the iTunes Preview page.

  • iTunes opens and displays the OverDrive Media Console page in the App Store (instead of the iTune Preview.

  • Click the Free App button. You are prompted to sign in to the iTunes Store.

  • Enter your Apple ID and Password if you have one. Otherwise, create a new account for yourself. Then click the Get button. iTunes downloads OverDrive Media Console for iPhone. When the download is complete the application is displayed in the Apps section of iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone® to your computer. iTunes syncs your device and installs OverDrive Media Console for iPhone.

  • Disconnect your device. OverDrive Media Console for iPhone is installed.


WMA Audio Books Help & Support

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