Introduction to Downloadable eBooks and Audio Books

The Farmington Community Library's Digital Book Collection makes available nearly 13,000 free downloadable eBooks, and many thousands more viewable online—all immediately accessible via your computer.

Downloadable titles can be accessed, downloaded and viewed on PCs, MACs, and mobile phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile), and also may be transferred from the above to other devices such as eBook readers (including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Literati, Nextbook Next2, Pandigital Novel, Pocketbook Pro, and Sony readers).

You can access downloadable eBooks from our Online Catalog, or by going directly to Overdrive.

You will need:

  • An internet connection using a PC, MAC, Tablet, or select mobile phones. (See Overdrive's Device Resource Center.)

  • A valid Farmington Community Library card.

  • Free, required software from Overdrive (See next Tab)

Overdrive Media Console for Mobile Devices and Computers:

  • Mobile: (supports EPUB eBooks & MP3 Audiobooks) on Android, Blackberry, IOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Windows Phone 7

  • Computer: Windows (supports WMA & MP3 Audiobooks, Music, ∓ Video) or Mac® (supports MP3 Audiobooks)

Adobe Digital Editions for mobile devices and computers

Adobe® Digital Editions software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline. Transfer copy-protected eBooks from your PC to other computers or devices. Organize your eBooks into a custom library and annotate pages. Digital Editions also supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF/A and EPUB

Step 1: Browse

  • Go to Overdrive, select Farmington Public Library, and enter your Farmington Community Library Card Barcode Number.

  • Search by titles, subject, author, or format.

Step 2: Select and Check Out

  • Add selections to your Cart. (Note: If a title is unavailable you may place a hold, and you will receive an email when it is available.

  • Click the "Proceed to Checkout" link.

Step 3 Download and Enjoy!

  • Click the Download button under each title to launch the software..

  • Once downloaded, enjoy immediately, or transfer to your device.

For more information, click on the Help/Support Sites page.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Library eBooks

  • How soon are electronic versions of new books available to libraries?
This varies by publisher and the eBook marketplace is constantly changing. Not all publishers in the US sell to libraries for lending. So when the NY Times bestseller list is used as a gauge for what we have available in eBook format—you may not find all those titles here. It is not that we won't order them—it is often that we are unable to do so because they are unavailable in eBook format.
  • Why are electronic books handled through a consortium of libraries instead of individually?
In 2003 the Metro Net Library Consortium signed a contract with the eBook vender, Overdrive, for its 8 member libraries to offer the first e-books in the state. We were able to use consortium discounts to provide this new service. At that time it made good sense since eBooks were used by so few patrons. This is changing today, and many libraries still participate through a consortium for pricing and hosting incentives.
  • Why do I have to wait for an eBook? Aren't these virtual?
The publishers require that libraries abide by one copy/one user model for eBooks and are like the books on our shelves, used by one patron at a time. To fill high demand we need to purchase additional copies.
  • Is the Farmington Community Library contemplating changes to the current process to enable earlier availability of eBooks to the Farmington/Farmington Hills taxpayers?
YES. While our budget is in place for this year, we have requested the Friends of the Library to support our eBook collections. They have recently committed funds for eBook purchases. Our librarians regularly review our selection practices to reflect popular new formats, like eBooks. EBooks will be given a growing proportion of our materials budget, with consideration for availability and cost.
  • Do you pay more or less for eBooks than hard copy books?
Again, prices vary. Overall, eBooks are more expensive than print books now. For example, in February of this year Random House has doubled and even tripled the price of their e-books for libraries. Availability and prices are in constant change and vary by publishers.
  • What limitations do you have in terms of loaning eBooks in terms of number of loans in total or at one time?
We will be examining the number of eBook titles that can be checked out to an individual at one time. Reducing this number would make more eBooks available to all.
  • Can you loan out multiple copies simultaneously as opposed to waiting for lending period to expire before lending again?
Farmington Community Library is now using the “Advantage” plan from Overdrive and will be purchasing multiple copies of individual eBooks titles when the number of holds increase for that title. We are discussing changing the ratio for the purchase of eBooks and print books. Within the Metro Net Library Consortium, we are adjusting the number of books we purchase for shared collections in favor of more popular books for our own residents.
  • I own a Kindle. I thought all eBooks owned by the Library are now available in Kindle compatible but some titles won't work on my Kindle. Why?
Some publishers will not allow libraries to loan their titles in Kindle format even though you as a customer can purchase a copy that is Kindle compatible.