Message from the Board of Trustees

Message to our community regarding FCL's phased reopening

The Farmington Community Library buildings are closed until further notice. No items are due at this time. Our virtual library services are available 24/7!

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Digital Library Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When I try to check out an e-material, I am getting the error, “Patron Has Blocks.”

A. There are a few different reasons why this may be occurring; however, if you have no fines or late materials, the most likely reason is that you have an address check on your account. These occur every year on all of our patron’s accounts.

To remove this block from your account you will need to come in to the library with your library card and current driver’s license and speak to our circulation department at either branch. Please call 248-553-0300 and speak to our Circulation Department for more information and to confirm that this is the reason for your block.

Q. I am not a Farmington or Farmington Hills resident, can I use any of the Farmington Community Library’s digital services?

A. Unfortunately, our services are available to Farmington and Farmington Hills residents only.

3M Cloud Library

Q. I would like to use 3M to download a few e-books. How do I get started?

A. You can read instructions on how to checkout e-books with the 3M Cloud Library here. To see a complete list of supported devices click here.

Q. Is 3M compatible with my Kindle?

A. 3M is compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire models only. 3M is currently NOT compatible with black and white e-ink Amazon Kindles. To use 3M on a Kindle fire you will need to install the 3M app. To install the 3M app on a Kindle Fire, follow these instructions.

Q. Can I check out e-audiobooks using 3M?

A. Not at this time. Please take a look at Overdrive if you are interested in downloading e-audiobooks through the Farmington Community Library.

Overdrive e-books and e-audiobooks

Q. I am interested in checking out e-books using Overdrive. How do I get started?

A. Overdrive provides a very good getting started guide for those new to their service. Once you click the link, scroll down and you can choose your device from the list to read about how to check out e-books on your specific device.

Q. When I search for e-books through overdrive, only children books are appearing. Why is that?

A. It is possible that the maturity levels on your Overdrive account have been changed. To fix this:

  • log into your Overdrive account if you haven’t already
  • Click on account
  • click Settings
  • scroll down and you will see the option to change your maturity levels.

To ensure that you are seeing our entire e-book collection including children’s books, make sure that it is set to juvenile to mature adult.


Q. I am interested in using Hoopla. How do I get started?

A. For information on getting started with Hoopla, see Hoopla’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

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