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Timely rates for mortgages, home equity loans, savings interest, credit cards, as well as tracking ATM and other on-line banking fees.

Calculators for finance, business, science, cooking, hobbies, and health.

This is a multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and is filtered for validity. To get the exchange rates for any of the 164 currencies, select the desired currencies from lists, as well as the date, language, and amount for which you would like to conduct the currency conversion. Click on "Convert Now" to get the results of your currency conversion.

Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions. (Acceleration Equivalents, Area Equivalents, Energy/Work Equivalents, Power Equivalents, Length Equivalents, Mass Equivalents, Meteorology Equivalents, Pressure Equivalents, Temperature Equivalents, U.S. Fluid or Liquid Equivalents, Velocity Equivalents, Volume/Capacity Equivalents).



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(Yahoo! Reference)
A "living digital Encyclopedia".
Answers to frequently asked questions and links to Smithsonian resources.

 Grolier Online Encyclopedias

The main menu at offers direct access to six important online encyclopedic resources:

  • America the Beautiful
  • Grolier Encyclopedia Americana
  • Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Lands & Peoples
  • New Book of Knowledge
  • New Book of Popular Science

Simple English Wikipedia

Designed for those with developing reading skills, including ESL students and youngsters, with some 60,000 articles using a simplified vocabulary and concise sentence structure.

  World Book Encyclopedia

Highlights of the World Book Online include:

  • Accurate, authoritative, easy to read articles from The World Book Encyclopedia.
  • Related articles from major newspapers and magazines.
  • Extensive graphic and multimedia enhancements, including photographs, maps, illustrations, tables, animations, and audio/video clips.
  • Special Reports that broaden and deepen coverage for selected topics.
  • Back in Time, a captivating, you-are-there chronicle of events from the World Book Year Book that begins in 1922 and unfolds in the distinctive voice and perspective of each successive year.
  • Links to external Web sites specially selected by World Book editors.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia with user-generated content, containing over 3,000,000 articles. Because it is user-editable, Wikipedia's authoritativeness may vary.