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Cow Milked While Flying on an Airplane-Feb 18

In February 18, 1930, a cow named Elm Farm Ollie, who was nicknamed Nellie Jay, was the first cow to fly on a plane. Of all the cows dreaming of jumping over the moon, Nellie Jay was the one who came closest when she took flight that February morning.

The first cow milked on a plane

Because of her rigorous milking schedule being milked 3 times per day, Nellie Jay also became the first cow to be milked on a plane. Apparently this was also done so scientist could observe how Nellie Jay would be affected by being milked at high altitudes. It was stated that Nellie Jay, gave 24 quarts of milk on that arduous flight. The milk was then put in cartons and parachuted down to spectators below. Famous people to drink Nellie Jay’s milk included Charles Lindbergh.

Look at all the fun weird things I learn about while writing this blog.  Who knew this random fact?

Miss Maria

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