The Library is now in Phase 4 of our Reopening Plan. Library buildings are open for 30-minute visits to browse the collections, use computers by appointment, and speak with library staff. Curbside service will remain available until 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 5 p.m. on Sunday. Read more…

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Message from the FCL Board of Trustees

The Board previously voted to continue paying ALL full-time staff, part-time staff and Pages after the Library closed to the public to mitigate the spread of Covid19. Staff has continued to be paid for 6 weeks. At the Board meeting on 4/23/20, the Farmington Community Library Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to furlough staff. This temporary furlough was necessary to preserve public funds going forward. The COVID-19 crisis is developing every day with no clear endpoint, and while some employees are continuing to serve the community in this changing landscape, the difficult truth is that fewer staff are needed to perform critical functions while the Library buildings are closed to the public. With large capital projects on the horizon the Board made the difficult decision to furlough the staff who are not directly serving critical functions to ensure the future of Library. Although these projects are currently budgeted, we cannot predict our tax base will remain stable in the next 12-18 months and therefore must plan for that contingency. Our intent is that this action is a temporary response until we can more fully serve the community. In this uncertain time we intend to continuously evaluate the situation and return additional staff as soon as possible.

Impacted staff have been placed on temporary furlough. No one has been terminated. Read more information on the State of Michigan’s term “temporary furlough”.

The initial communication indicated that staff would be placed on COBRA benefits but we have received further communication that that was incorrect. Because the Board decided on a temporary furlough for impacted employees, and has continued to pay premiums, the BCN benefits will continue. See page 15 on the Blue Cross COVID-19 Overview.

Our Digital Library is still open 24/7. All digital resources, services and online programming that have been provided by FCL during the stay at home orders will continue uninterrupted. We are exploring additional opportunities to increase and enhance our services.

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