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AOL Autos

An open marketplace for new and used cars, providing car buyers with access to more than 2.5 million vehicles for sale in the United States and a new set of search and filter tools to more easily find a car that fits their needs.

Auto List

With over 2 million listings nationwide, this is an easy to use, free resource that anyone can use to help them find affordable vehicles. pulls listings from over 25,000 dealers nationwide to provide a one-stop-shop for car searchers, eliminating the need to bounce from site to site. With an average of 15 pictures per listing and automated listing alerts, helps car shoppers get the most out of their time spent searching online

Whether you're buying, selling, or just researching a car, this is a great place to look. "Yahoo Internet Life" calls this the best used car web site.


A large Automotive Research site (with in-depth New and Used Vehicle Reviews, Photos, as well as User Forums, Blogs, a Wiki Based engine, etc.) Well worth a look!


PR Newswire calls this website, "the largest independent retailer of car audio and wireless products in the United States"

Ranked as one of the very best automotive online buying sites.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides

One of the most authoritative sources for prices on new and used vehicles, but also includes results of road tests (both standard and long-haul) and reviews. You can check their Carfax database of over 600,000,000 vehicle records to see if there is a potential problem with a used vehicle.

Why buy when you can lease? Take a look at this website recommended by On magazine.

Kelley Blue Book New & Used Car price Reports.

New and used car prices, a small but high-quality directory of important car sites.

NADA (NAt'l Automoile Dealers Assoc.)

Search NADA's Dealer Inventory of New & Used Cars & Trucks; Find your local NADA Dealer; Find Car Reviews, Consumer Tips, Vehicle History Reports Build, Research & Compare New Cars & Trucks Site Includes Values, Specifications & Information for: New & Used Cars & Trucks Classic, Collectible & Special Interest Cars Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs & Personal Watercraft Boats: Power & Sail, Recreation Vehicles, Aircraft, and Manufactured Housing.


TrueCar Inc. is an automotive solutions provider focused on changing how cars are sold by providing a significantly better customer experience while helping qualified dealer partners to gain incremental market share and reduce costs. is a transparent, visual publisher of new car transaction data. price reports help both dealers and consumers to agree on the parameters of a fair deal by providing an accurate, comprehensive and simple understanding of what others actually paid for the identically equipped new car over the last 30 days both locally and nationally. TrueCar, Inc. works with a nation-wide network of nearly 5,000 Certified Dealers that provide up-front, no-haggle, competitive pricing to assist some of the nation's largest and most well respected membership and service organizations to meet the auto buying needs of their members and customers

Consumer and Selection Information


An online automotive encyclopedia. Check the Consumer Incentives and Rebates, Negotiating Tips, and the Warranty, Repair and Service Tips. One of the few sites to have information from owners on tire buying.

Car & Driver Buyers Guide

From the famous magazine, offers browsing by make, price range, etc.

Offers clear instructions on how to avoid unscrupulous dealers and negotiate a good price. Excellent links to all sorts of informative resources. Be sure to look at their page that lists the Top 10 Car Dealer Scams! Quite useful, as well as entertaining in a horrifying sort of way.


An authoritative source for history reports on used vehicles. Enter a vehicle identification number and, for $15, you will find out all about any salvage history, odometer fraud, multiple owners, flood damage, major accident damage, or fire damage.


CarsDirect recently aquired Greenlight to create an award-winning site on which you can research and compare cars, financing, warranties, and trade-ins.

Cars: Vehicle and Equipment Information

Offers a searchable database of recalls, technical service bulletins, consumer complaints, and compliance investigations. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Consumer Guide

Reviews on this website are broken down into three categories: Products, Automotive, and Travel. Within these categories, information can be found on "new car prices and reviews, used car facts and history, or consumer product reviews on televisions, digital cameras, DVD players, or washer and dryer combinations." Consumer reports, reviews, price quotes, and product comparisons are always available for free at Consumer Guide.

Epinions Autos

Over a million real users' opinions, advice, and ratings of cars and RVs. Fortunately, readers rate the uefulness of the available opinions as well.


Are you and the new car you're interested in compatible? Fill out a brief questionnaire on this website and see what cars best meet your needs.

J. D. Power

A very high-quality site, frequently quoted in luxury car ads. This site bases its findings on the experiences of millions of consumers, and annually gives out its famous awards for excellent automotive products and services. The sole disadvantage of this site is its "stickiness" or persistence— due to its javascript, your browser's back button may not get you out of it and you will have to click on your browser's home button.

Maintenance and Repair

Bob, Ken and their team of auto repair specialists have answered car repair questions online since 1998. Their mission is to provide you with information that can help you solve your car problem quickly. Their online database contains thousands of previously answered car repair questions.

Alldata Logo Image AllData Auto Repair

This resource is paid for by your tax dollars. Due to vendor restrictions, these resources are available only if you are coming in through an authorized access point: either by dialing into Library's modem pool using your free Metro Net account, or using a computer within the Library. If you receive a request for a password, that means you are not connecting from an authorized Library access point.

Now you have access to the most comprehensive Diagnostic, Repair and Maintenance information that Professional Automotive Technicians have been using for over a Decade. This invaluable information is also updated Quarterly, unlike a printed repair manual.

Whether you troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself, or if you rely on your favorite automotive technician, this is the most comprehensive resource for the Auto Enthusiast on the Internet. Covering all domestic and foreign models going back to 1982, and is also updated Quarterly, unlike a printed repair manual.

AllData provides instant access to all Factory Recall and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), as well as Information that addresses safety, reliability, performance and comfort related problems with your car, special Warranty provisions and extensions, fixes for common problems and updated factory repair procedures, illustrated Diagnosis and Repair Procedures, OEM Part Numbers, Diagnostic Charts and Trouble Codes, Component Locations and Diagrams, and Factory Maintenance Schedules. You even have the ability to print out wiring diagrams in 8½X11 format.

Auto Repair

Matthew Wright, site editor, promotes "automotive empwerment"—learning about your car so you can either fix it yourself or understand what repairs are really needed to save money and avoid "upselling".

Car Talk!

The web site for Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers (AKA as Tom and Ray Magliozzi). The funny, informative PBS car care show is online!

ChiltonLibrary provides exclusive photographs, diagnostics designed by instructors, step-by-step repair procedures, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for automobiles and light trucks in one easy-to-use web site. Since this library subscribes to ChiltonLibrary, you are now equipped with decades of data to maintain your vehicle. Just begin by choosing a vehicle at the left and a subject above.


George Scott, Jr. started this web site 10 years ago, to share his knowledge of car repairs with the world: he has been fixing cars in Gainesville, FL since 1976.

MegaSites of Automotive Information Autos

Human selectors and topical experts stand behind these links for auto buyers and owners.


The Open Directory Project, like most of the resources in this section, relies on human selectors for the linked sites rather than an automated spider. This page offers a wide array of links under 11 major topics, plus a set of See Also links.

Cars from the Internet Public Library (ipl2)

72 annotated links of great quality hand-picked by knowledgeable librarians amd posted by the ipl2 at Drexel University..

Digital Librarian: Cars and Other Vehicles

A very fine collection of carefully-screened resources maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a Librarian.

MSN Autos

An incredible site which includes, but goes far beyond, prices. Car reviews, safety reports, comparisons, reliability charts and an interactive national database of dealers.