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Nathan H. Power, in collaboration with his good friend Governor Fred Maltby Warner, wrote seven brief histories helpful to Farmington historians. In addition to early Farmington, Power also wrote brief biographies ofP. D. Warner, Fred Warner, and Dr. Wixom. The writer mentions the current date of 1921 in this collection of papers, just two years before the death of the former governor. These articles were found pasted in an "Order Book" that also contained newspaper clippings written by P. D. Warner of early Farmington. Power's handwritten copy was transcribed, with the typed copy shown at the bottom of each page.

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P. Dean Warner was an astute businessman, banker, and civic leader in, Farmington. He came to the area with his parents in 1825, when he was just three years old. He left home when he was 14 and lived in Detroit, attending school in the winter months. He returned to Farmington in 1845, where he lived for the rest of his life. Warner used records kept over the years as to the settlement of early Farmington to write articles, which were printed in the Enterprise about 1899. Subjects covered were early settlement, settlers by years, farms purchased, early elections, names of those holding political office, assessments, churches, and organizations. The newspaper articles were cut from the Enterprise, and the columns were pasted in an "Order Book" by P. D. Warner. Corrections had been written in the columns, making some of the information difficult to read. Now dark with age, the columns were digitized in 2009 for the benefit of historians and genealogists.

You can search for names or terms by pressing Ctrl+F and entering your term(s) in the search box at the top of the page.
This collection of newspaper articles gives the reader a glimpse of the settlement of Farmington Township beginning with the arrival of the Arthur Power party in 1824. The snippets retyped were chosen to provide a variety of information about early buildings and businesses, schools, churches, and the Quaker cemetery. Also selected were newspaper articles, particularly reminiscences, giving the reader an insight to what life was like in Farmington throughout the years. Some snippets were news of the day, while others were written from an historical point of view.

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Old Town / Masonic Hall (1876)

The building was constructed in 1876 in a cooperative venture by the Township of Farmington and the Farmington Masonic Lodge 151. The Township government occupied the first floor of the building until 1965, when a new Township facility was constructed. The Masonic Lodge has continued to occupy the building since its opening. The structure was a fine example of French Renaissance architecture refracted through a Victorian lens until its renovation in the 1960s.